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Trident Surface Marker Buoy, Oral Inflate Valve 45×5


Constructed of woven nylon with interior TPU coating, this durable surface marker is compact enough to carry in a BC pocket when deflated, but fills out to 45 inches in length when inflated by mouth or BC. Large block letters printed on the buoy spell out the words “diver below”, and the high visibility color is easy to spot in clear conditions. This surface marker can also be used as a diver location and signal buoy for pickup or rescue, or to mark the underwater location of diver safety stops during ascent. Included hook and loop strap keeps the marker tightly rolled when deflated for easy stowage in your dive kit on the boat, or BC when you hit the water. Included swivel gate clip is constructed of high impact plastic, and provides a convenient way to attach the marker to a belt or BC.


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  • Sturdy, reusable 45 inch surface marker buoy in high visibility colors
  • Inflate with BC hose or by mouth
  • Rolls up tightly when deflated, secured with hook and loop strap
  • Swiveling high impact plastic gate clip for attachment to belt or BC
  • Dimensions: 45 x 5 inches (114cm x 12.7cm)