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Surf-fur Dive Parka and Swim Parka


Surf-fur Dive Parka and Swim Parka

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  • Windproof, Waterproof
  • Changing Pockets, Reversible
  • Boat Coat, Surf Jacket
  • Swim Parka
  • Dive Parka

Surf-fur’s Waterparka is the ultimate protective garment for any Waterman! Swimmers use it as a Swim Parka and Deck Changing Coat. Scuba Diver’s use it as a Dive Parka. Watermen use it as an essential body warmer, changing coat, and waterproof layer to wear over a wet wetsuit to keep seats dry. Surf-fur has been in business since 2008. We only manufacture 2 products, The Waterparka and a Surfcheck Hoodie. Since we only make 2 products we have been able to perfect them.

This will be the best Parka you ever purchase. Don’t look any further because there is nothing else out there that is windproof, waterproof, has changing pockets, is reversible, and doesn’y absorb water like other parkas do. It is one layer bonded together.

MORE DETAILED: The fully wind-proof and water-proof Water Parka is lightweight yet extremely protective and warm for cold morning surf checks or gusty boat rides. This is made from a bonded polyester thermoplastic urethane (TPU) fleece and is only one layer. It is long enough to protect you while bending over, changing under or wearing it to protect your car seat from your wet wetsuits. Guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable in almost any situation! Whether you are diving in the tropics, surfing at Mavericks, or taking the boat out for a sunset cruise, the Water Parka is designed to protect you from the harsh elements yet still “breathes” so you won’t overheat. Why not enjoy your time near the water hanging out at the perfect temperature instead of shivering and dreaming of the hot shower? Parka has hidden slit pockets that allow hands to easily access interior for quick changes. The garment has a built-in neck warmer, inner Velcro pocket and is reversible. The Parka is machine washable and is designed for quick drying. Brave the elements in your Surf-Fur Water Parka!