Atomic Aquatics M1 Octopus Yellow

Extreme diving makes having an extraordinary Octopus even more important. The Atomic M1 OCTO is a Safe Second that performs equal to its M1 primary dive buddy. Cave diving, cold water and rough water conditions demand backup systems divers can count on when needed. The M1 OCTO delivers confidence in extreme situations.

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Atomic Aquatics M1 Yoke Sealed Regulator

The M1 has an expanded performance range to meet almost any diving condition imaginable. Caves, cold, deep, enriched air – the M1 is perfect for recreational divers ready to extend their capabilities or accomplished technical and specialty divers. State-of-the-art metals meet proven Atomic designs to deliver reliable performance to fulfill virtually any need or diving scenario.

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Atomic Aquatics Z2 Octopus Yellow

Even the high-end octos of most dive manufacturers cannot match the performance of our most affordable Atomic Z2 OCTO. That’s because we don’t cut corners. Like the entire Atomic OCTO line, the Z2 is a clone of the Z2 primary Second Stage. Pair it confidently with any Atomic primary and know it will perform reliably and effortlessly.

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Atomic Aquatics Z3 Yoke Regulator

The Atomic Z Series offers a unique combination of performance, ergonomics, features and materials. All in our most cost efficient regulator system without compromising performance or durability.

The Titanium/Zirconium second stage is your choice of all black styling with the Z3 (with optional color kit available), or standard gray and blue options with the Z2.

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Atomic B2 Octo

An Octopus should breathe easy and not add panic to a panic situation. It should travel light and be ready to perform even though rarely used. It should not be an after-thought. The Atomic B2 OCTO is all that and more. A clone of our popular B2 primary Second Stage, the B2 OCTO outperforms most high-end octos from other manufacturers.

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Atomic SS1 Stainless Safe Second Octo


This isn’t your normal safe second/inflator combo. The SS1 is a fresh innovation on a longtime concept as Atomic engineered a new level of performance. While others prioritize the convenience, Atomic placed equal importance on superior materials, reliability and high-performance natural breathing. The SS1 fits virtually any BCD on the market today and actually breathes like a primary.

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Atomic T3 Regulator (Yoke)
The T3 is our signature regulator. Atomic Aquatics forged a new Titanium standard for the T3 making it the absolute finest regulator you can own, regardless of price. The T3 delivers unprecedented reliability and performance. Incredibly lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials make the T3 a perfect choice for travel in exotic remote locations, where finding service is a remote concept.
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Cressi Compact Pro Octopus
Cressi Compact Pro Octopus

2nd STAGE XS COMPACT PRO: In order to achieve extremely high performance in low temperature environments, the second stage in particular was designed with the special Thermoconductive Thermoplastic Neopolymer that has the capacity to transfer heat like a metal while … Read More

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Cressi MC9 Compact Regulator

This premiere travel regulator packs maximum performance into minimum space. A true featherweight second stage, the Compact is built from lightweight techno-polymers to eliminate jaw fatigue. Easy to pack and easy to dive, the Compact includes dive/pre-dive Venturi switch for … Read More

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Cressi MC9 Compact Black
Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro Regulator

CERTIFICATION EN250/2014 FOR COLD WATER The MC9-SC/Compact Pro is designed to be used in cold water, making it versatile to be used anywhere on any trip. In order to achieve extremely high performance in low temperature environments, the second stage … Read More

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sterisol germicide
Sterisol Germicide 2 oz

Sterisol is the perfect cleaner and conditioner for Scuba and Snorkel mouthpieces! Sterisol is completely safe and, when used as directed, will clean and deodorize mouthpieces including removing mold and fungus that may be lurking on rental equipment. Sterisol is … Read More

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Tusa RS1207 Regulator

The TUSA RS1207 regulator is a light weight, durable regulator perfect for entry level divers.

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