AquaLung Argonaut Stunt Dive Knife
Aqua Lung Argonaut Stunt Knife

The Argonaut Stunt Knife is one of the best and toughest knives. The butt, handle, hilt and blade are all fashioned out of one piece of 4mm thick 420 Stainless Steel. The blade is available in two styles: the Spartan and the Blunt. The Spartan comes to a spear head point with one side featuring rounded die cut serrations to prevent snags on rope. The Blunt comes to a blunt chisel like tip.

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aqua lung Argonaut Titanium knife
Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium Knife

Forged of a single piece of 4mm-thick titanium, the Argonaut Titanium is a high-end tactical tool for performing the toughest work with elegance and ease. Designed in conjunction with the world’s premiere maritime commandos, the handle is wrapped in paracord for grip, which can be easily removed to reveal hex wrenches for use in emergency situations.

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Aqua Lung Big Squeeze Knives

Our famous Squeeze Lock Knife in a more business like larger size. With a 4-inch blade (overall length 9 inches), it is ready to serve in the event of an emergency. The patented release mechanism locks the knife in the sheath and easily frees it with a squeeze.

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Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knives

Our patented Squeeze knives are preferred by divers the world over. Here is the lightest-weight, most unobtrusive version that can be mounted almost anywhere, including the wrist strap of your Aqua Lung dive computer. The patented lock system keeps it secure until needed.

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Aqua Lung Small Squeeze Knives

Compact, lightweight, and finely sharpened, our Small Squeeze Knives, available in three different blade styles, are all you need to get the job done. All styles come with a durable handle and sheath that can be integrated into your BCD, and all of them use our Squeeze Lock technology for secure sheathing.

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FogCutter X Knife

FogCutter X Knife

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Mini FogCutter Knife

Mini FogCutter Knife

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Neoprene Knife Wrap

Neoprene Knife Wrap

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XS Scuba Highland Titanium EMT Shears

XS Scuba Highland Titanium EMT Shears

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