apeks rk3 fin straps
Apeks RK3 Fin Straps
  • Available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large, Super
  • Sold by the pair
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Apeks RK3 Fins

Designed in collaboration with the US military and renowned for outstanding performance and reliability, the Apeks RK3 is a rugged thermoplastic rubber fin featuring an over-sized foot pocket to accommodate drysuit boots and a spring strap for easy donning and doffing. The RK3 is available in three sizes: Medium, Large and Super.

We didn’t give the RK3 fin a shoe size range as this can be very midleading.

The environment that an RK3 is used in will tend to dictate the size of fin that you need, for example do you dive in a warm environment wearing wetsuit boots, or are you walking across pebbled beaches and wearing a drysuit and rigid dry boots? Both forms of footwear may be a size 9, but will take up different amounts of space in the fin foot pocket.

Therefore we recommend that you visit your local dive store and try the fins on with your own footwear, just to ensure that you’re getting the right fit for your style of diving.

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Apeks RK3 HD Fins

The RK3 HD fin is the latest in the RK3 range. It is made from a higher density material than the standard RK3, which makes the fin stiffer and heavier and is therefore the ideal fin for dry suit diving. The new, heavier compound makes it negatively buoyant and produces a stiffer blade, providing additional power in heavy currents or surf.

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Aqua Lung Express SS Fins

Although there are many great features to this fin, look at the armadillo hinge of grooved material on the top of the foot: this specialized feature absorbs energy from your kick and releases it again at the end of the kick cycle for a more efficient kick and reduced strain. Includes Spring Straps for easy on/off.

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Atomic Spring Fin Strap and Buckle Assembly

No more struggling to loosen or tighten fin straps while you’re fully geared up and ready to dive in! These patented Spring Heel Straps by Atomic Aquatics are another rethinking of something simple. The unique rust-resistant stainless steel springs were designed with variable pitch geometry. Divers get a more comfortable fit and easy one-hand removal, yet the springs are resistant to deformation if overstretched. These spring straps can be used to retrofit any fins from Atomic Aquatics. Sold as a set that includes two spring straps, each with a quick-release buckle at each end. Completely replaces the Atomic fin strap assembly with buckle and attaches to the molded post on your fins.

  • Ease of use and durability
  • Comfortable fit and easy one-hand removal of fins
  • Designed to fit Atomic fins
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Atomic X1 BLADEFIN Scuba Diving Fins

Atomic X1 BladeFins deliver ultimate power and raw thrust. Firmer, shorter blades and a solid internal frame are attached to power plate foot pockets providing more control and better maneuverability in tight spaces. X1 Blade Fins are perfect for general diving, tech diving and alternate kicking styles like frog and scissor. Taller foot pockets are great for large boots.

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Tusa SF-22 Solla Fins


The SF-22 Solla combines TUSA’s rich history of performance fin design with the latest advanced materials and hydrodynamic innovations. A completely new design, the Solla has several unique features that deliver superior propulsion, speed and maneuverability.

The SF-22 is powered by ForcElast technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade fin. In addition to ForcElast technology, the Solla features TUSA’s patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.), an optimized three channel crescent shaped blade with reinforced side-rails and vents, a multi-compound anatomic foot pocket and TUSA’s Anatomic Fin Strap (A.F.S.) and EZ buckle system.

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