neoprene socks
3mm Ergo Neoprene Socks – High Top Dive Boots

Protect your feet in all conditions with socks. We’ve designed this one to be worn comfortably with a wetsuit or drysuit: it adds a layer of warmth in cold waters and prevents blisters while wearing open-heel fins. Booties also protect your feet from scrapes and stings when wading in and out of the water during shore dives.

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Aqua Lung 5mm Superzip Boots – Galaxy Blue

The 5mm Superzip has an extra-thick sole, heavy-duty protective panels on the upper, and a durable zipper to withstand years of use without tearing. This is the boot for an avid diver who needs to be prepared for cold water, rough terrain, less-than-luxurious boats, and murky, low-viz conditions that hide hazards

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aqua lung evo4 boots
Aqua Lung EVO4 Boots

A military-style paracord lace-up boot compatible with our Fusion Drysuits, the EVO4 represents an evolution of design over many years at Aqua Lung. We’ve improved durability and comfort to give you a sturdy, supportive boot that withstands rough conditions, cold waters, and plenty of action.

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aqualung ultrazip boot
Aqua Lung Ultrazip Boot 5mm- Black
  • 5mm Neoprene
  • Thick Treaded Sole
  • Puncture-Resistant Felt Inner Layer
  • Sure-Footedness & Peace of Mind
  • Offering Comfortable Support
  • Protects Feet In-Hazardous-Conditions
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Tusa Imprex 5mm Dive Boot

The DB0101 IMPREX Dive boots feature and injection molded sole with super traction. Made from 5.0 mm neoprene and nylon jersey these are sure to give your feet superior comfort.

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