neoprene socks
3mm Ergo Neoprene Socks – High Top Dive Boots

Protect your feet in all conditions with socks. We’ve designed this one to be worn comfortably with a wetsuit or drysuit: it adds a layer of warmth in cold waters and prevents blisters while wearing open-heel fins. Booties also protect your feet from scrapes and stings when wading in and out of the water during shore dives.

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Aqua Lung 5mm Superzip Boots

The 5mm Superzip has an extra-thick sole, heavy-duty protective panels on the upper, and a durable zipper to withstand years of use without tearing. This is the boot for an avid diver who needs to be prepared for cold water, rough terrain, less-than-luxurious boats, and murky, low-viz conditions that hide hazards

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aqua lung evo4 boots
Aqua Lung EVO4 Boots

A military-style paracord lace-up boot compatible with our Fusion Drysuits, the EVO4 represents an evolution of design over many years at Aqua Lung. We’ve improved durability and comfort to give you a sturdy, supportive boot that withstands rough conditions, cold waters, and plenty of action.

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aqualung ultrazip boot
Aqua Lung Ultrazip Boot 5mm- Black
  • 5mm Neoprene
  • Thick Treaded Sole
  • Puncture-Resistant Felt Inner Layer
  • Sure-Footedness & Peace of Mind
  • Offering Comfortable Support
  • Protects Feet In-Hazardous-Conditions
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Tusa 5mm Dive Boot

The 5 mm Dive Boot has an injection molded sole with super traction. It’s made of neoprene/nylon jersey and come with a zipper with hook-and loop lock for a secure fit.

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