Trident Tire Inflator for LPI Hose

This handy accessory attaches to any standard BCD hose fitting allowing you to inflate your tire, innertube, buoy, etc. virtually anything with a standard tire inflator nozzle, using your air tank!

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Trident U-MARK IT Gear Marking Paint for Scuba and Snorkeling Gear

Trident U-MARK IT Gear Marking Paint for Scuba and Snorkeling Gear

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Trident Underwater Writing Slate with Pencil

Standard diving slate. Included with a pencil and attached band. 4″X6″.

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Tubular Bandana Sun Protection – Face Shield – Buff

Tubular Bandana Sun Protection – Face Shield – Buff

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Tusa Freedom Film Anti Fog Film

The TA-200A anti-fog film will keep your favorite mask fog-free while diving underwater. Made with long-lasting durable material, the TA-200A can be installed easily on any 2-window mask and is reusable with proper care.

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Tusa TA-81 Spring Straps

The TA-81 spring straps are a great accessory for our open-heel scuba fins. A definite upgrade to standard straps, spring straps do not need to be adjusted for size and easily slip over the heel securely when donning/doffing.  The TA-81 features a rubber heel grip with large finger loop and TUSA patented buckle system for easy attachment.

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two color mouthpieces
Two Color – Mouthpieces

Available in six color combinations

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UK BCD Hanger

The UK Super BC / Regulator Hanger holds US Yoke and European DIN fittings for hanging your regulator.

The hanger was created to make it easy for you to hang up all your gear in one spot. Holds up wetsuits, scuba suits, or heavy turnout gear with ease. Supports up to 50lbs.

Made with care in the USA.

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UK Super Hanger

When the average hanger just doesn’t cut it, rely on the Super Hanger. We know your gear is often heavy and wet. So, we built the Super Hanger sturdy, with high quality non-corrosive materials. It holds more weight, so your valuable stuff won’t end up on the ground.

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Wide Shoulder Saver Hanger Black

Wide Shoulder Saver Hanger Black

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Wind Storm Safety Whistle

Wind Storm Safety Whistle

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Xit404 Aqua Pencil Starter Kit

The Slate provided in this kit has been specially designed to fit the Aqua Pencil. It has a basket to capture the tip and a spot for the pencil to snap on. There is a hole designed to accept the Aqua Tether. A slot and larger hole provide various means to attach the slate to your gear. The Slate is 4″ wide x 6″ high.

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