surface marker buoy
“Smart” Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

With so many SMBs in the marketplace, it is easy to become confused. Some are “bare bones” proving difficult to use, while others are overbuilt, more suited for extreme expeditions. The XS Scuba Smart Marker Buoy (SMB) adds all the right features in all the right places.
It’s the “Smart” choice.

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3.75” Swivel Bolt Snap

3.75” Swivel Bolt Snap

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4.0” Doublender Bolt Snap

4” Doublender Bolt Snap

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outlaw weight pouches
Aqua Lung Outlaw/Rogue SureLock Weight System

The Aqua Lung SureLock II™ Weight System with ModLock connector for Outlaw or Rogue BCD – allows you to easily insert the weight pouch and an audible “click” lets you know the weights are secure in the BC. Once engaged, … Read More

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Aqua Lung Outlaw/Rogue Trim Pockets

Need to add a little weight to your Outlaw or Rogue BC? These trim pockets will do the trick.

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Aqua Lung Removable Trim Pocket

Aqua Lung Removable Trim Pocket

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Aqua Lung Rogue/Outlaw Bladder Covers

Stand out from the crowd by customizing your Outlaw or Rogue BCD with these colorful bladder covers. Each cover is reversible, giving you two color options to pick from. They are super easy to install giving you the freedom to take advantage of the dual color options.

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Aquaseal FD | Flexible Durable Repair Adhesive

With Aquaseal FD, a flexible durable repair adhesive by Gear Aid, you can easily repair tears and rips in your favorite waders, wetsuit and inflatables. Aquaseal FD is a clear, waterproof adhesive and sealant, specially formulated for the flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection you need to keep you going.

Don’t let a rip or a tear stop you. Aquaseal FD will patch that hole in your wetsuit, raft, fix the gash in your fishing waders and make sure you stay dry.

Aquaseal FD is all you need to keep your gear going as long as you do.

.75 OZ Tube

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Aquaseal FD Repair Kit

The Aquaseal Repair Kit by GEAR AID is the only patch kit you’ll need. It provides the tools to make a quick, permanent wader repair at home or in the field, including: Aquaseal FD, 3” Tenacious Tape patches, a brush, and waterproof instructions.

Finally, repair that nasty wetsuit tear, patch hip and chest waders, or fix those mysterious leaks coming through your spray skirt. You can even fix that pinhole leak on your summertime floatie right there, waterside, and get back in. Basically, it can do almost anything.

Toss the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit in your gear bag and bring it with you everywhere.

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Atomic Spring Fin Strap and Buckle Assembly

No more struggling to loosen or tighten fin straps while you’re fully geared up and ready to dive in! These patented Spring Heel Straps by Atomic Aquatics are another rethinking of something simple. The unique rust-resistant stainless steel springs were designed with variable pitch geometry. Divers get a more comfortable fit and easy one-hand removal, yet the springs are resistant to deformation if overstretched. These spring straps can be used to retrofit any fins from Atomic Aquatics. Sold as a set that includes two spring straps, each with a quick-release buckle at each end. Completely replaces the Atomic fin strap assembly with buckle and attaches to the molded post on your fins.

  • Ease of use and durability
  • Comfortable fit and easy one-hand removal of fins
  • Designed to fit Atomic fins
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Big Blue Goodman Handle

Big Blue Goodman Handle

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BRITE-MARK Medium Tip Paint Marker

BRITE-MARK Medium Tip Paint Marker

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